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Gallery Médias

La VERDAD de MONAGAS, Nov.2017
Tendancia, Vénézuela Jan.2018
              Spanish InFluential Magazin , March 2018

CALZEDONIA SUMMER SHOW, Vérona April 2018, on the News

Judge as The Miss Vénézuela 2018 Contest, September 2017
SABADO por La NOCHE TV Program, September 2017

Luisa Rosa Campaign on HOW TO SPEND IT? New-York, July 2017

INTIMISSIMI, Grand Opening New-York, Oct.2017

On the News for China Morning, June 2017

Monday News, for the Garnett Report, US, July 2017

VAEA’s Annual Benefit Gala & World Tribute to MARISOL, With Dayana Mendoza, Oscar Carvallo, New-York, Nov. 2016

Varnishing with, ,Voroshilov BAZANTE, Paris Dec.2016

Interview For Sala de Espera Magazine, Vénézuela 

SPORT ILLUSTRATED, Lady of the DAY, 2017

On the News For Cosmoplitan Finland,, Germany, Jan. 2017

On the news for Oriente 20, Vénézuela, 2016

Promo for Sport ILLUSTRATED, 

Swimsuit CASTING CALL 2017

Top on INSTAGRAM for MANNER MAGAZINE, Netherland, 2017, 

On the News for Economia Vénézuela, 2016

On the News for VIDA/ARTE, May 2016, Vénézuela

Muse Of The Day for The World's Best Ever, US, Sep.2016

Best Girl on Instagram, for Un TIPO SERIO, June 2016

On the news for REPORTE 1, Vénézuela, November 2016

Sony Pictures Classics' EQUITY, First Preview, Jul.2016, New-York

On the News for

Sport ILLUSTRATED SwimSuit on the news for CNIPO, Instant New Post

Interview for PRIMICIA, 

Venezuela, june 2016

Appearance for French Children's Organization Secours Populaire Francais

with founder and president Mr.Julien LAUPRETRE, June 2016

L'OREAL Blue Obcession Party Hotel Martinez, Cannes 2016

SPORT ILLUSTRATED, Swim Swuit Casting Call 2017

Interview with Venezuelian s Radios and TV in Caracas, May 2016

Interview for La BOMBA, TELEVEN TV, with Arnaldo Albornoz

Interview in Televen TV for VITRINA program, May 2016

Interview for Diverso in Venezuela, May 2016

Interview for Venevision TV, Portadas program, May 2016

Interview for LA MEGA Radio, 3 contra el Mundo program

Interview for Televen TV, program Lo ACTUAL, May 2016

Interview for ONDA Radio with Rebecca Moreno

Interview with Venezuelian medias, May 2016

On the News in Venezuela, May 2016

Interview with Gladys Rodriguez for Venezuelian Radio, May 2016

Special Guest at the foundation fighting Blindness Gala at Cipriani, 

New-York, April 2016

Backstage at Miss Miranda election 

with Miss International 2016 and 2016 

with the singer Victor Drija

Special Guest at the MAXIMS Magazine Headquarter, New-York, April 2016

On the news for METROPOLI Website, Turkey, for INTIMISSIMI, Mars 2015

Bartainder for TV SHOW *Whatch What Happens Live

*with Huge Grant, Feb, 2015, New-York

On the news for VICTORIAS SECRET promo for Venezuelian Media, 

May 2015

Interview for CAF TELEVISION in Danemark, September 2015

Reward for the *MONAGAS PREMIA* honorific, Vénézuela 

March 2015

On the news for KOURDISTO Portocali Website for INTIMISSIMI, Greece, November 2014

For EL NACIONAL, 15 Venezuelian en achievment, Venezuela, Oct, 2014

VH1 TV Program and Wilhelmina Party in New-York, September 2014

Interview for HOLA! Venezuela, 

September issue, 2014

On the news for MERIDIANO.COM, August 2014

At the 80th Barcelona Fashion Week, front row for DESIGUAL, July 2014

Magazine HAYA DUBAI for CHANEL gloss, picture of the Tracy Reese's runway January 2015

On the news for GQ MEXICO, Women of the Week, October 2014

On the news for DT.LUX.COM, Ella lo Vale, 

Spain, October 2014

At the NASDAQ Ring the Bell, for WILHELMINA

New-York, sep, 2014

En VENEVISION TV, SHOW + TV program, August 2014

RARE Nails & Skin 79 promo, at Sight Management Lounge, July 2014, Spain

Portrait of Girls, Angéla Ruiz by Riccardo Vimercarti for INTIMISSIMI, Décember 2014

Appearance on the Venezuelian movie *Hasta que la muerte nos separe*, Jan, 2015

On the news for FMD, Fashion Model Directory, November 2014

On the news for MENS CODE, Brazil, 

for INTIMISSIMI, October 2014

VICTORIA SECRET Angel s Party, with Russel James, September 2014

Interview en TELEVEN TV for LO ACTUAL TV Program, Augsut 2014

on the news for Ultima Noticias Venezuela, July 2014

Various website for Tropical Trip for David BENOLIEL, June 2014

Street Style for, Connecticut News, February 2014


News for the Los Angeles Times for Mara HOFFMAN, May 2014

On the News, for EL PROPRIO, Vénézuela


At The Knot Gala, at the Astor Hall, with Lazaro, New-York, October 2013

SUPER MODEL of the Year of VENEZUELA 2009

TV SHOW, PORTADAS, Vénézuela, 2010


April 2013, Vénézuela